Thursday, 16 May 2013

Crosshatched Background & Chocolate Baroque Hand Challenge

Links: Chocolate Baroque Hand Challenge, Glenda Waterworth, MCC (My Creative Classroom), Marie Browning

When I saw Miranda's Henna Hand on the Chocolate Baroque  Design Team Blog I thought of tangling a hand as I'd seen several examples in Suzanne McNeill's Zentangle 4 but, since I was just starting the MCC tangling course, I filed the idea at the back of my mind.  Inspired by Miranda's artwork, Glenda has now posted an open Hand Artwork Challenge on the Chocolate Baroque Forum (free to join) which I thought I could combine with the third week's pencil crosshatched background technique. With hindsight I'm not so sure that was a good idea.

tangles: Hurry, Sand Swirl
Derwent Coloursoft Pencils crosshatched background on
Canson XL Series Mix Media 98lb/160g paper 

I'm rather ambivalent about this piece of artwork as the finished piece reminds me too much of a mummified hand & the patterning is much too life-like in terms of fingerprints for comfort. The latter is quite symbolic actually for I drew round my own hand & both the little fingers are crooked - an inherited characteristic from my mother's paternal lineage.


Deborah Frings said...

I rather like this hand! But I can see what you mean about the mummy bit! Still, it's super and I do like the tangles!

Miranda said...

Great patterns Paula and lovely to see you used your own hand, that makes it special!warm greet Miranda

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Paula, as always your Zentangle is beautiful, love the design on the fingers it works very well. Take care, Shirleyx

jackiescrafts said...

How lovely that you used your own hand for this challenge, as always your work is brilliant
Jackie x

brenda said...

There is something very Spititual about hands Paula.

But I don't find it ambivalent at all, in fact to me the strength emanates from the central stem, gains energy as it reaches the fingers and then culminates in renewed strength at the finger tips with the highlighted nails.

Goodness me, that's all a bit heavy for first thing in the morning, but what I am trying to say is I find it very fascinating, almost hypnotic.

I am going to have to look at those mummies closer next time we visit the Valley of the Kings as I can't say I ever took too much notice of their hands. I am usually too drawn to the wall art and it always amazes me the vibrancy of colours they achieved.

B x

Elaine said...

This looks great Paula, it is always hard to be objective about your own work. It is nice you have worked around your own hand with it's inherited specialness! I love the design emanating from the centre of the palm and the fact the whorls put you in mind of fingerprints seems very appropriate to me. Elaine x

Aquarius said...

Very clever - the linear pattern makes me think of diagrams showing muscle structure the the whorls are as you say reminiscent of fingerprints which is so right for a hand. Love the quirky little finger!!

veronica said...

looks great Paula - don't know how you have the patience to do it, but it was well worth it!

GinaA said...

A very interesting tile Paula, I love the tangles you have used, the lines do evoke images of ligaments and life lines while the swirls remind me not only of fingerprints but knuckles as well. Nice aura in blue around the edge. I don't think you are the only one with bent little fingers, mine turn in at the last joint at an alarming angle.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the organic feel that the tangles you used gave your hand outline. They also gave it volume and depth. I'm especially impressed at how you had the tangles flow from one design to another without the customary "string." This is truly a framable piece of art. Blessings!

Elaine said...

Hi Paula,

I know very little about tangles - the only stuff I know is what I've read here, so I can only judge your handiwork on whether it appeals to me personally.
I think it's fabulous!
Your handiwork really is your own handiwork, and I love the whirls and swirls on the fingers. It's a very clever design and I think it's fabulous.

Big hugs
Elaine xx

alexandra s.m. said...

Hello Dear Paula!

I love your hand.
It's quite fascinating and I agree with Aquarius, it reminds me more of muscles woven together.
I really like the contrast between the straight lines and the curved ones and to me, the way you drew the fingers evoke some form of magical power. As if these fingers were constantly creating...fascinating really!!

Thank You~

Elizabeth Allan said...

Your "tangling" is "hands-down" wonderful.

Sally H said...

Wonderful work, Paula! The fluidity that the tangling gives the hand is fascinating, and that tangle reminds me of my daughters hair!