Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Triangular Stringing

August's Challenge (Number 17) for the Chocolate Baroque Zentangle Group consists of a triangular string of our choice - it can be one taken from the Strings Resource at TanglePatterns.com or one we've drawn.

I chose to sketch two differently sized overlapping triangles loosely in the manner of a traditional Star of David symbol (see superimposed coloured lines) & started off tangling the triangles thus formed using Paradox. I used Ixorus for the centre & surprisingly created another 6 triangles.

tangles: Ixorus, Paradox, Tipple

Monday, 1 July 2013

Tangling Grids for Chocolate Baroque

July's Challenge (Number 16) for the Chocolate Baroque Zentangle Group is once again based upon tangles (the challenges are based upon a rotation of three: tangle/s; strings; theme/s). This time the brief is to use ONLY tangles based upon a grid.

Two tangles based upon grids & which can be beautifully 'merged' are Cadent & Cubine. I wanted to see what these would look like using curved grids so I created a string of two overlapping pointed ovals. The vertical oval is tangled with Cubine & the horizontal with Cadent; the segment where the two ovals overlap is tangled with a combination of Cadent & Cubine.

tangles: Cadent, Cubine

The restriction of using ONLY grid based tangles proved quite an interesting challenge for I found I was wanting to add an organic tangle like Fescu emanating from each of the points where my two tangled ovals meet. I resisted the urge & just added s tiny touch of sparkle to the Cadent circles using a Clear Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll pen.

close-up to show sparkle of Cadent's circles