Friday, 26 April 2013

MCC Time to Tangle with Colours - More Wk 1

Links: MCC (My Creative Classromm), Marie Browning,
           Glenda Waterworth (Seussisms post)

I struggled rather with the final assignment for the first week. My first mistake opportunity for learning came as I tangled, since, all the patterns I chose except the border are based upon grids. Next time I shall pay attention to the need for balance between grid-based & organic flowing tangles.

Secondly, as I worked with the Derwent Coloursoft pencils, I realised that I was getting an awful lot of debris & the layers began to 'stick' or 'catch' upon one another - particularly visible in Jester (top right). I switched to using my Polychromos pencils which, being oil-based, don't crumble & give off debris, but I still struggled to blend. I tried smoothing out the blending with the Tombow Blender Pen & found that it made no difference with either brand of pencil. Sitting & thinking about this I've concluded that I was much too heavy handed in my laying down of colour  &, possibly, the Tombow Blender isn't compatible with either Derwent Coloursoft or Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils.

Analogous Pencil Colouring
tangles: Cubine, Flukes, Jester, Pearlz, Screen
Derwent Coloursoft (Flukes & Jester) & Faber-Castell Polychromos (Cubine, Pearlz & Screen) both
blended with Tombow Blender Pen on Canson XL Series Mix Media 98lb/160g paper


brenda said...

I don't think you have been too heavy handed with the Tombow's at all Paula, I absolutely love it.

The graduations of circles round the edge draws the eye right in to the very clever and subtle blending from pink to orange.

And what a wonderful quotation and so very true.

I hope you have a good weekend.

B x

Sandra said...

A lovely Tangle Paula and your colouring is wonderful. Great sentiment, I did like the post on Glenda's blog and agree with all of them!

Aquarius said...

Love the colours on this and it so interesting that you share your 'opportunities for learning' with us. Have you tried a blender pencil - it might help?

jackiescrafts said...

I love the colours you have used for your tangle Paula and the saying is a good one. I loved the post on Glenda's blog and will be trying to remember and use some of the sentiments. I love that you share your experiences and your learning with us.......thank you

Jackie x

Deborah Frings said...

Paula - I think this is amazing. I love the colours and the quote too. I've always admired the tangles you create.

I'm going to take some lessons in a few weeks - looks like such fun!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Paula, Love your zengtangle design. I'm going to enjoy all your assignments! (I also would like to learn Zentangle). Your colours choices are fabulous, love the combination. I see great shading in the the circles & various shapes.

I use Prisma Pencils which blend very nicely together without assistance from anything else, but you can use odorless paint thinner to blend, I wonder if it would work to blend your pencils? Just a thought. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Shirleyx

GinaA said...

Hi Paula, very interesting blog and tile. I particularly like the Jester tangle and the way it lies next to the Pearlz border giving a nice flow out from the tail of the arrow, while the point leads you down into Cubine. I like the effect you have achieved with your colour in the 'jester' corner and the transition from pale pink to the darker edge looks good, giving a lovely rounded edge to that side.

Sally H said...

What a beautiful tangle, Paula! I love the colours - pink and orange always remind me of summer sunsets. A great quote too

Elaine said...

Well it looks pretty much perfect in my eyes Paula, and I don't think you were too heavy handed (you know we are our own worse critics!)
Fabulous design and layout, and I LOVE the quote...but then I LOVE anything Dr Seuss :)

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

craftimamma said...

Paula, as you know I'm not into Zentangling but every time I look at one of your designs I am in awe! This is gorgeous and I'm another Dr Seuss fan .... would you believe I only got to know him relatively recently because of my two little granddaughters, lol!

Lesley Xx